Pasture-Raised Chicken and Fresh Vegetables

  roasters in pastureEggs in basket

Whether it is young chicks, meat birds, or laying hens, all of our chickens are raised on pasture year-round. We do not use antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids, ever. Our hens are free to range about, looking for forage such as succulent alfalfa or clover, hidden seeds, or tasty worm or insect morsels. They engage in usual bird behavior such as perching, running, foraging, dust bathing, egg laying, cackling, predator evasion, preening, calling, and socializing. Our meat birds are raised on pasture and are moved to a fresh forage each day. Chicks are raised on pasture as soon as they are feathered out. We put them with an older rooster for protection and training on how to forage.

All Star Salad MixWe offer a full range of vegetables along with our eggs and meat from mixed salad greens, romaine lettuce, braising greens, kale, various mustard greens and oriental cabbage to the great summer traditions of tomatoes, peppers, melons, and squash. We have beautiful large garlic available each June and, of course, scapes around the end of May or first of June. While we are not certified organic, we grow our produce  without herbicides or pesticides, following organic practices.

We are a Bee Friendly farm and allow several acres to sit fallow so that pollinators of all types have plenty of habitat. We plant habitat that blooms in the spring, summer, and fall so that pollinators have natural habitat during every possible season. We also have several small ponds for a constant water source and nearby snags for nesting. Even in the chicken yard, we actively increase bee habitat each year.

Valley View Farm is a Predator Friendly Farm. While we do not like predators attacking our birds, we do not actively attempt to eradicate predators. We protect our flock by using strong fencing around our approximately 3-acre chicken yard, 3 guard dogs to keep predators at bay, roosters to give the hens a warning when predators are in the area, and secure housing for roosting. Our wild areas allow for plenty of natural prey for area carnivores like coyotes, hawks, owls, fox, cats, and racoon.

Explore our pages for more specific information about our products and practices. Or feel free to give us a call at 785-760-3365.