Valley View Farm raises a special kind of Yorkshire Terrier–one that has excellent breeding/confirmation and is also socialized from birth.  Our puppies are played with and socialized from birth on.  By the time our puppies are ready to go to their fur-ever home, they are well on the way to being potty trained to paper. They have been exposed to many environmental factors including other animals; multiple people; loud noises such as TV’s, vacuums, clippers, and hair dryers.  The puppies have been kept current on their vaccines and deworming medications.

All Yorkie puppies are purebred and are eligible for registration with The American Kennel Club (AKC).

Our sire is Rhinestone Cowboy.  He is a Parti colored Yorkie. He is very smart and energetic. Cowboy is small, weighing in at only 4 lbs and change.




Our dams are Delta Dawn, Anastasia, and Louise.

Delta Dawn is a tradition-colored Parti-carrier. She weighs 8.0 lbs and has and a wonderful personality.  Delta Dawn is loving and playful.  Her puppies are beautiful and charming. Delta Dawn’s puppies are traditional as well as Parti, but all are Parti carriers.

Anastasia is a black and tan colored Parti carrier.  She weighs 8.0 lbs and is sweet and a bit shy.  Her puppies are wonderfully sweet, playful, and inquisitive. Even though she has only had 2 litters, her last litter was very complicated and we will be rehoming her as soon as her current litter is weaned.  If you know someone that wants a very sweet mature dog, please give us a call at 785-760-3365.

Louise, called Lulu here at the farm, is a 5.0 lb traditional female with a baby-doll face. She is sweet and friendly and full of playful fun. Lulu’s first litter is going to arrive at the end of April, 2017.

Check out our puppy page to see what is currently available!