Click on the above link and open in a media player to see a video of our HY-B (Black Sex Linked) stock in their paddock eating lavender chicory flowers. Even though these hens have over 4,000 square feet in their paddock, they choose to forage together as a social group. The rooster is not foraging. He is watching over the hens for their protection. To hear a rooster’s warning call and see chicks’ instinctive predator evasion response, please see our listing for chicks.

ALL of our chickens at Valley View Farm are pasture raised whether it is a laying hen, a breeding hen, a meat bird or a chick. We do not use antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids, ever. Our hens are free to range about, looking for forage such as succulent alfalfa or clover, hidden seeds, or tasty worm or insect morsels. They engage in usual bird behavior such as perching, running, foraging, dust bathing, egg laying, cackling, predator evasion, preening, calling, and socializing.

Hatching Eggs are fertile eggs which come from hens that are pastured with a rooster.  All of our hatching eggs are for pure heritage breeds unless otherwise specified. At Valley View Farm we collect our hatching eggs several times a day and place them immediately on a turner.


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Paddock Vegetation includes chicory, alfalfa, clover, berries, and fruit

All of our chickens permanently live in the pasture and as such, weather affects fertility rates. Fertility rates for hatching eggs are not guaranteed, but historically we have a very high rate of fertility at approximately 98%. This is because our hens are fed sprouted grains, are allowed to graze freely and search for bugs and worms, have organic fruit bearing bushes and trees planted especially for them as well as organic greens planted especially for them. They also have access to a variety of herbs for self-medication. We use garlic cloves to keep their water clean and disinfected and apple cider vinegar with the “mother” as a water tonic. Our hens (and therefore their eggs) are antibiotic, hormone, and steroid free. We have a very high hatch rate as well–usually in the mid 90th percentile. I recently set 49 Ameraucana eggs and 45 of them hatched healthy, viable chicks. That’s a 92% fertility/hatch rate combined.

Our breeds are kept pure because each breed is housed in its own building. Each building has a paddock and hens have access to more than 350 square feet of space each. In addition, we take great care to insure healthy, vigorous chicks by continually introducing new bloodlines.

When you purchase hatching eggs, we have NO control over what happens during transportation or in your incubator. Therefore we do not offer any refunds or replacements. We make every effort to give you accurate information about fertility rates and hatch rates based upon our own incubation and hatching results for these same eggs. We guarantee that the eggs you are purchasing are less than 5 days old. That gives you 2 days before productivity starts to drop to get the eggs home, settled for at least 8 hours, and begin incubation.

Please see individual breed pages for descriptions of the breeds and pictures of our birds.

We are currently offering hatching eggs for these breeds:

Ameraucana               $36/dozen eggs for eggs from a Black or a Blue rooster with a Black, Blue or Splash hen

Black Australorp          $12/dozen eggs

Black Copper Marans    $36/dozen eggs

Barnyard Mix               $12/18 eggs

Welsummer                 $24/dozen eggs

Rhode Island Red         $12/dozen eggs

Lavender Orpington     $36/dozen eggs, call to discuss fertility for this breed

We are able to ship eggs within the 48 lower states. Shipping is $15 for the quantity listed. Call us at 785-760-3365 or email us at to order your hatching eggs today!